Transform the intangible Web and all your internal data systems into tangible trends, expert knowledge and business action.

The Next Evolution in Enterprise Portals and Business Intelligence.

Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence helps enterprises monitor and manage everything on real-time, personalized dashboards for better, faster decision-making. Now you can understand everything that matters across all your internal systems and across the social Web, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Listen to Everything: Much more than just an enterprise portal, Netvibes dashboards connect all internal and external systems together, all in one place.

Learn from Everyone: Go beyond business intelligence with real-time, industry-specific social analytics and SmartTagging for gathering expert human opinions.

Act in Real-Time: Outpace competitors and save time with automated reporting and intelligent alerts on what matters, 24/7.

Listen, Learn and Act on All the Data That Matters Across Your Organization

NETVIBES allows companies to:

  • Monitor and manage all internal systems and data sources, and the social Web (apps, feeds, Twitter, Facebook) – all on one dashboard solution
  • Perform industry-specific social listening, sentiment analysis and knowledge sharing – in real time
  • Automate reporting and get intelligent alerts on both internal systems and Web trends
  • Easily deploy apps on all mobile platforms simultaneously

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