Creaform Product Development 3.0

Creaform Product Development 3.0


3D scanning and 3D printing process in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Innovation is key for businesses; however, with fierce global competition, it is increasingly difficult to stay on top. Engineers and designers are faced with an immense pressure to come up with new products and innovate—faster!

How can they deal with these mounting daily challenges?

In this new infographic, entitled Product Development 3.0,  you can explore and learn about the 3D scanning and 3D printing universe! topics covered such as :

  • What is product lifecycle management?
  • 3D scan and 3D print applications for industrial product design using CAD
  • Reverse engineering: the way to CAD
  • 3D scan and 3D print like a washer and dryer

Download Infographic-Product Development 3.0

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