Medical devices and equipment, technologies for medical applications such as surgery planning, training, education and research.

Medical devices and equipment are governed by strict standards related to quality, and health and safety. Using latest PLM 3D experience software and advanced product development technologies companies producing medical devices can control all the data related to their products, and create a digital product for testing, quality assurance, simulation and analysis prior to physical prototyping and manufacturing. The 3D virtual product can provide design to manufacturing data of the product reducing possible errors and streamlining the product development process. Companies can use the one platform of PLM to create all documentation related to the products; technical manuals, training materials, and maintenance guides directly from the product data and can even produce multimedia materials, animations etc to support their products. With PLM the whole product lifecycle is managed with far reaching benefits such as easier compliance, traceability of parts and production, rapid response times, high quality products and reduction of overall development costs.

Using new technologies in the medical sector

Technologies such as PLM (product lifecycle management), Rapid Prototyping & Direct Digital Manufacturing are being used in University Research hospitals in the Medical and Dental fields to enhance the teaching process, surgery planning and patient care. They are also used to create high quality customized implants, devices, and prosthetics and develop new specialized and customized surgery tools and equipment that would be very difficult to create with traditional manufacturing methods.

3D printed medical models for complex surgery planning  using additive manufacturing- saving patient’s lives

Latest technologies such as rapid prototyping and virtual reality software and hardware enable enhanced visualization of patient anatomy and complex surgical procedures. This gives surgeons and students valuable opportunities to practice outside the operating theatre, thereby reducing surgery times, performing procedures correctly with the first attempt and saving lives with an enhanced knowledge of the medical problem. Read more in the case studies section to discover how these technologies are being used for ground breaking medical applications.

Solutions for: design and manufacturing of medical equipment and devices, data acquisition with 3D handheld scanners, medical and visualization software, fabrication of 3D medical models, solutions for complex surgery planning and simulation, customized prosthesis manufacture.

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Case Studies


Case Studies

The Dimension Solution

“A model that cost $1,000 and took three weeks to get from a service bureau can now be made internally for around $100.”

CASE STUDY:Improving Surgical Safet

3D Printing to Reduce Maxillofacial Surgery Times by 10-15%

The Solution was 3D Printing

3D Printing Prepares Doctors For Life-Saving Pediatric Heart Surgery